Anzeige 20.Krokoyama-Cup11 апреля 2015 года в Кобленце,Германия пройдет 20 Международный турнир Krokoyama- Cup.

Регистрация на этот турнир заканчивается 16 февраля
Dear fellows,
The Karate Federation of Rhineland-Palatinate, Member of the German Karate Federation, hereby has the pleasure to invite you to the 20th International Krokoyama- Cup, 11th April 2015 at Koblenz (Germany).
Our interest is first and foremost to give opportunity to young karateka to meet one and another on an international level rather than usual national level.
With more than 700 competitors the Krokoyama-Cup is one of the biggest tournaments in Europe.

The advertisement is online on our website  and  also.
From 16th February registration at  is possible.

We really hope to meet you in Koblenz and thank you in advance for helping to distribute this invitation.

Sincerely yours
Stefan Andres
Organizer Krokoyama-Cup