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 Лицензирование тренеров каратэ действует с 2011 года. За это время оно полностью себя оправдало, но некоторые корректировки вводятся с  1 января 2016 года. В частности,вводятся категории тренеров для Премьер Лиги и для Чемпионатов Мира.

Правила лицензирования


Dear President,

As you know, the Certification program for coaches was first implemented in the year 2011 and we expect its continued growth in the next years. Therefore, we have considered it necessary to adapt it with some not major changes, that have been already approved by the WKF Executive Committee.

As a result, the minimum level requirements for coaches attending the different kind of WKF official events will now change. For being able to register as a coach in Karate 1 events it will be necessary to have the 1st level (Accredited Coach ) and for World Championships the second level (Kata / Kumite coach).

In order to make it possible for National Federations and their coaches to adapt to this in a reasonable time frame, and accordingly reach a smooth transition in obtaining the necessary qualifications, the new version (please see attachment), will enter into effect on 1st January 2016.


Antonio Espinós

WKF President